Tickets Module

Malibot features a Ticket System, allowing you to provide quick & easy support via discord!

Malibot Modular

A module to allow players to interact with the game server remotely. Also allowing administrators to manage the game server and players remotely.


A Modular discord bot, choose the modules you desire from ticket system to full server management.

Just a couple of features...

  • Remote Code Execution
  • Create Tickets
  • Add users to active tickets
  • Blacklist users from interacting with Malibot
  • Edit users remotely
  • Configuration Options
  • Enable/Disable Modules
  • Server Uptime Check
  • Online Player Count
  • RCon Protocol Support
  • Remove users from tickets
  • Change Command Prefix


Malibot Modular

£6.99 / Module

  • Billed at £6.99 per month, after 30days free trial.


Here's a list of games we support (-) for games we plan on supporting with the AP module.

Supported Games

  • ArmA3 Exile
  • (-) ArmA3 AltisLife
  • (-) FiveM